Is Your Attitude Good For Your Health?

Life is a balance of Holding on and Letting Go

Obtaining your self worth from what you do for a living and how hard or how much you work can be destructive to your health, not to mention your soul.  I know this from living it.  There was a time in my life that I was proud of the fact that I worked 60, 70 or 80 hours in a week.  I felt as though I was serving others, providing for my family and making myself more valuable to the company.  Yea right!  Especially that last one.

Let’s be real.  There is nobody who cares more about your health than you do, accept maybe your mother.  The problem is our health is often on the back burner of our priorities.  We have too much work to exercise, or eat healthy meals.  We get through our day using caffeine or nicotine to keep us going.  Maybe that isn’t the environment you work in but I lived there for decades.  As co-workers had strokes and heart attacks, at alarming numbers, it did cross my mind that what I was doing wasn’t exactly good for me.

After stepping away from that life it became easier for me to recognize my own destructive behavior.  I continually put my health at the bottom of my to do list.  I occasionally would change a behavior or two but rarely did it last because it was my belief that I didn’t have time when I was working all those hours.  I put my job ahead of many things in life, not just my health.  When you work for a large company, it is implied, even expected that the goals of the company become your priority.  Work – Life balance was something we joked about but it appeared that the only people who had much of that balance were the folks in HR.  I certainly can’t blame them for trying to get through to me, I just failed to listen.

What we believe about ourselves has a greater impact on our health than anything else.  I know it is difficult when you are juggling multiple responsibilities however your health is something that you need to be selfish about.  Your body screams at you with aches and pains or worse when you aren’t doing what is best for you.  No amount of caffeine is going to make up for a lack of sleep.  No amount of vitamins will make up for not eating well.  And thinking you can put off changes until life is going smoother is a delusion.

If any of this resonates with you, I ask that you take a few moments to identify what your beliefs are about yourself and your health.  You are important to the people in your life, far more important than that bonus you are chasing.  Take stock of the value you represent to your family and friends and ask yourself if your attitude about what you spend time on benefits you both in the immediate and the future.

I do not see it as my place to judge your decisions.  I write from the standpoint of taking a look at what you really believe and how your thoughts affect the results of your life.  For me, there was a time that I needed a source outside myself to help me recognize the correlations between my thoughts and my results.  If that would benefit you, check out my bookIt’s Your Life…Own It!  soft cover $8.99, ebook $3.99.



“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you‘re eventually going to be forced to spend a LOT of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” -Kevin Ngo


Manifesting Requires Faith

Have faith....universe supports you in every way

The most difficult part of creating something new in your life is to have faith.  The lack of faith is the reason people don’t believe the law of attraction works for them.  Typically this is the scenario.  I come up with a desire and send that out into the universe, maybe I even share it with another person.  I think about what it is that I want, why I want it and how it will benefit me and others.  I focus on the result but can’t help also focusing on the details.  Then I wonder about the hows.  That’s when the doubts start marching into my mind like soldiers from a conquering land.  With them, they carry the why’s of why my dream isn’t possible.  My logical mind starts pointing out my current reality and before you know it, doubt has taken over, placing me on a fence of my manifestation.  I will surely fall off this fence on the side of my beliefs.  Without faith I fall back into my current reality – the one I’m trying to escape.

Sound familiar?  We all experience this scenario at some point for different reasons.  It could be that you lack confidence in your abilities.  It could be that you aren’t convinced that you deserve to have your desires manifest.  It could be that your beliefs about yourself don’t benefit you any longer and need to change.  I can’t tell you the why.  What I can tell you is that change is possible if accompanied by faith.

Faith is simply a belief in something that you can’t see or touch even though you know it exists.  Are there things you already experience faith in?  Maybe it is a higher power such as God.  Maybe you have faith that your children will do the right thing.  You may have faith that a particular candidate will follow through on their promises.  My point is that each of us experiences faith in something outside of ourselves and we can apply that same principle to our own creation.

When you decide to create anything you do so with a bit of faith that it is needed, will fill a gap or will be beneficial to you or others.  Let’s revisit the scenario from above.  You decide that you are going to follow through with a dream.  You love it and are passionate about this dream.  You send it out into the universe, including telling others because the spoken word is powerful.  You focus on the result; what your life looks like once this dream is achieved and how you feel.  Capture that feeling and that picture in your head so it is the only option.  You create this new reality in your mind.  You “know” that the universe is handling the hows and will provide opportunities to move you closer.  You take faith filled action each day to contribute to the manifestation of your dream.  You believe you are on the correct path for you and when those soldiers of doubt approach, you have faith that the fortress of your mind is strong enough to hold them at bay until the point that you begin to experience your new reality.  No need to fight the soldiers at that point, let them die from the natural cause of your dream being realized.

If this writing resonates with you, check out my website and join our community.

Consciously Choose The Type of Day You’ll Have

You have a choice

Do you ever forget that you have a choice of how your day goes?  I have to remind myself of this every school day.  I wake up my sixteen year old a minimum of three times before she rolls out of bed.  As a person who is usually early to all appointments, this drives me crazy.  I find myself getting more aggravated each time she tells me she is up when she is still in bed.  Yet, when I step back and take a look at it, I have no reason to be aggravated.  If she wants to take only five minutes to get ready for school, what does it really matter?  In the end she gets to school so the only difference is how I feel about the situation.  These are the kinds of simple choices that we have each day that make an impact on how our day goes.

How many times have you been getting ready to leave for work, dreading the day ahead?  Maybe it has to do with a meeting you must attend, or possibly you know you have a difficult situation that has to be dealt with.  Whatever is ahead doesn’t matter.  The deciding factor of how your day goes is your attitude.  Your thoughts about any subject are the precursor to your feelings.  You get to choose what those thoughts are.

I used to have a boss who would say “it is what it is”.  That statement brought up negative feelings within me because I didn’t want to accept it.  The fact is that no situation is good or bad until we label it.  We decide whether a circumstance impacts us positively or negatively by the thoughts that we have about it.  Let’s say a key employee resigns unexpectedly.  Many managers would see this as a negative situation as they focus on the knowledge leaving the company plus the hassle of replacing the person.  However that same manager could choose to see this as an opportunity to place someone in the position with a different set of skills that would bring a new perspective to the organization.

Understanding the basis of your thoughts and how to change them to improve your results is what I wrote about in my book, It’s Your Life…..Own It!.  If you have been reacting in the same manner for years, you are operating off beliefs which may or may not be benefiting you.  Changing those beliefs is possible, and I show you how.  Order it today.  It will be the best $9 you’ll spend this week.  Order Book

Choose the type of day and week you are going to have.  Rather than reacting to what is happening around you, decide how you are going to determine your results and watch a beautiful day unfold, even if your teenager wouldn’t get out of bed.

The LOA Whisperer

I love Art’s comment about being gentle on yourself. If we do better than we did yesterday, we are on the path, the one to a more deliberate life.



Psssst. Psssssst! Hey you, are you listening? That’s right, I’m talking to you. I thought I’d check in and see how you’re doing with the Law of Attraction–deliberately, that is. I realize that you’re relatively new to the teachings, and I wanted you to know that you’re not alone. I’m here for you.

Are you putting the teachings–namely that we bring about what we think about–into practice? Are you finding it easier to deliberately choose the nature of your thoughts? How about last week, or yesterday, when that guy cut you off in traffic? Were you able to stay strong and focused, realizing that it just is what it is? Did you use the experience to empower yourself? If not, be gentle on yourself. And what about at that recent party, when a lot of people were gossiping and talking negatively about the state of the world? Were you…

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